how to make money at 17 without a job 2022

How to make money at 17 without a job 2022

If you’re a teenager, you’re probably learning that most of the things you want in life require cash.

Thankfully, the summer months are a perfect time to look for money-making opportunities. Your well-deserved break from school gives you extra time that you can use to pad your bank account.

If you’re looking for ways to make money as a teenager this summer, our guide shares a few of the top options.

Good Ways for Teens to Make Money This Summer

There are limitless ways for teens to earn extra cash during the summer months. You can choose the traditional route of a part-time job or pursue a side hustle.

Here are 17 money-making ideas for teens that can help put some extra money in your wallet.

1. Complete Small Tasks Online

Do you spend a lot of time on the internet searching for things or playing games? If so, Swagbucks is a terrific way to make money online in your spare time.

Swagbucks is a micro-task site that lets you get paid to complete tasks. You earn points for each small job you complete, and these points can be converted into cash.

You can redeem points for gift cards to stores like Starbucks or Old Navy. However, redeeming points for PayPal cash is often the best option.

Here are just a few of the ways you can make easy money with Swagbucks:

Using their search engine

Playing games online

Watching sponsored videos

Using their shopping portal

You only need to be 13 to use Swagbucks, and they give you a $5 bonus when you join. It’s an excellent way to earn money without leaving your home and provides a great source of extra pocket money more info coming soon. 

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