Tips and How To Protect Adsense Account From Invalid Clicks?

Tips and How To Protect Adsense Account From Invalid Clicks?

You know that your AdSense account is in danger, yes, this is not a stupid April joke or anything like a joke, this is so true as you breathe with some constant days, many bloggers experience an invalid activity that on theirAnd also because of its unconsciousness so that you are strongly recommended that you do not accept such errors and keep your AdSense account safely and safely.

Now carefully perform the number of clicks before each name of the country carefully.

Let's say, let's assume that a person clicks on his advertisement, Google gave him $ 2.0 for this click on which means click: 1 and CPC: $ 2.0, then also 9 clicks from anotherWell no one can say yes to this question, it's up to google if they realize you've had good deals with them in the past then there is some hope that you'll get your adsense back but I'm not for anyone secure. but there is no answer, what to do? There is nothing you can do about this, we can only fill out the appeal form and Google will then respond to you after taking its time, sometimes taking 23 days to respond. 

When I requested the Adsense refund through the "Claim Form" it was denied again. 

What now? It's sad, but even after they refused to return your Adsense to you, if you work continuously on your blog for a few months and write valuable and original content, then there are chances that you will get Adsense back to your blog, one of which my friends experienced. Even after many attempts, Google Adsense is not returning me, what now? In this annoying situation, you have other ways to earn income. In your blog you will find `Ways to do Mon Oye without Adsense.

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