Russia's objective is to gain control of Ukrainian population and change the regime UK official says

The Russian Federation’s objective in land is to “secure management of the population and alter the regime,” United Kingdom Chief of Defense Intelligence, Sir Jim Hockenhull, aforementioned Friday in a very statement issued by landscapist Street. 

“Russian forces still advance on 2 axis towards Kyiv,” Hockenhull said. “Their objective is to encircle the capital, to secure control of the population and change the regime.”

country intelligence official additionally noted that Russia “continues to conduct strikes across Ukraine” with a “concerted series of strikes” launched on the country’s capital, Kyiv, nightlong weekday into Friday. 

“Multiple Rocket Launchers are used in Chernihiv and Kharkiv,” Hockenhull continued. 

“Ukrainian militia still provide sturdy resistance, specializing in the defence of key cities throughout Ukraine,” he added.


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