How to use the same WhatsApp account on two phones Tips 2022

How to use the same WhatsApp account on two phones Tips 2022

So you would like to share constant WhatsApp account on 2 separate phones?

Technically, you will't (yet): "There Associate in Nursingy|isn't any} choice to have a WhatsApp account with two phone numbers", says the WhatsApp FAQs – an unhelpful answer if you've got a second phone however don't want to deactivate WhatsApp on your 1st phone.

within the close to future this feature might otherwise be coming, as WhatsApp has simply detached a beta multi-device feature thus anyone can attempt it out. You'll be able to link four devices to your WhatsApp account, and whereas it will at first be restricted to WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop and Portal, the very fact WhatsApp is additionally engaged on a sign off possibility provides United States hope that we'd eventually be able to link multiple phones, too.

within the meantime, there's a awfully easy workaround to urge WhatsApp working on 2 phones at once. the answer is WhatsApp Web, and tho' it won't allow you to use the WhatsApp app on each phones it'll let you access constant account on separate devices employing a browser. Here' how:

Open the browser on your second phone and head to WhatsApp net (web.whatsapp.com)

move to the Settings (three dots within the prime right corner) and exchange to Desktop View, that ought to take you to a page with a QR code.

(If you get redirected to the WhatsApp desktop homepage, simply click "WhatsApp Web" in the top left).

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