Black Sherif’s Manager Breaks Silence On Allegations On His Artiste

Recently, Black Sherif was dragged on social media for parting ways with his manager to sign a new deal with Empire Secretly and packed out from the house his manager gave to him at Oyarifa.

DJ Slim who is very close to Black Sherif and his manager publicized these allegations.

In a new interview with the manager, Madonna on Hitz Fm’s Usay Wetin he disclosed that all those allegations are fake and they still working with Blacko.

He said it’s never true that they have stopped working, they are still working and they are even working on a new single.

Interjecting to a question asked by the presenter that is it true that Blacko has stopped working with his Manager, he said,

“No please, we are still working and Blacko is still working with his old management and they are good, they don’t have any problem and we are even working on a new single to be released soon. So everything is okay here.

Been asked about the relationship between Blacko and his Investor, he said the Investor who is known as Snap came on board after they released the second sermon and he hasn’t invested much in Blacko but helped the team in some way.

According to him, the only project they have done after the investor joined the board is the Second Sermon video shoot and which was even financed by Empire.

He added that the investor didn’t buy a house for Blacko but he gave him accommodation together with his boys in his own house.

Snap asked me to leave the house due to a little misunderstanding but it was at the management level. According to him, Snap started overburdening himself with all the tasks done by the road manager and started booking shows, Madonna said.

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