Pro-snowboarder Marko Grilc, 38, dies after hitting his head on a rock

 A professional snowboarder died of fatal head injuries in an Austrian ski resort. 

Marko Grilc, 38, from Slovenia, who did not wear a helmet when he fell, hit his head on a snow-covered rock on Tuesday. from Tyrol, Austria, said a 38-year-old man from Slovenia was killed in a snowboard accident while filming with his team. His team and employees in the Sölden ski area tried to revive him, but he died on the scene, reports CNN. Both Grilc sponsors confirmed the news in a statement. to his fiancee Nina and their children, family and friends who shared their love and passion for snowboarding. 

One GoPro post read: "We are sad to hear the news of Marko Grilc's death." of the GoPro family and has inspired us not only as professional athletes, but as dads and great people. “He was a legend and we will miss him very much.Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. Grilc, who was survived by his fiancée and two children, was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In a 2020 interview with snowboard magazine Sequence, Grilc said he started snowboarding when he was eight, got her first sponsor when she was 14, and told the post, 

At one point I realized how great my life is was. 

 When you love something as much as I love snowboarding, and I realize it can become your job. "I never felt it. I like the work because I am very passionate about it and can do it 20 hours a day. It's always a good time. During his 11 year racing career, he made a name for himself in freestyle snowboarding, making a debut at the FIS Junior World Championships in Finland in 2002. According to the International Ski Federation (FIS) website, Grilc achieved nine podiums and won Big Air at the 2004 European Championships in Croatia and the 2010 World Cup in London.

Grilc later focused more on snowboard-related film projects and often recorded his travels on a YouTube channel. His latest video is called "Disconnected" and was released at the beginning of March this year and documents his visit to the Prokletije Mountains in Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro. .

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