Woman allegedly shoots guy who refused to kiss her

A 28-year-old girl in Illinois shot and k!lled a person in an exceedingly flaky love triangle dispute, per authorities.

Claudia Resendiz-Florez was staying with 2 friends—James Jones and his girlfriend—at their zero in town of Rolling Meadows once the incident unrolled on Th night, October 14, The Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Prosecutors in Cook County same that the trio were having a drink along when Resendiz-Florez allegedly asked Jones for a kiss. Jones declined as a result of he had a girlfriend who was sitting right next to him. He then kissed his girlfriend ahead of Resendiz-Florez, prompting an covetous Resendiz-Florez to raise the girlfriend for a kiss, prosecutors same throughout a bond hearing. She declined too.

once Jones once more refused to kiss her, AN angered Resendiz-Florez grabbed his gun that he had tucked between 2 couch cushions and aimed it at him, prosecutors said.

Jones tried to push Resendiz-Florez’s arm down as she force the protection off and place her finger on the trigger however the gun went off, hanging Jones once within the chest. His girlfriend referred to as 911 and when officers got hold of the scene Resendiz-Flores allegedly admitted to shooting Jones. She was charged with first-degree murd*r and can be back in court on Tuesday, October 19.

Resendiz-Flores’s lawyer Courtney Smallwood same throughout the bond hearing that her consumer is married however separated from her husband and is that the sole caretaker for 3 young children. She controversial suggestions that Resendiz-Flores lived with the couple, demand she lived at her family zero in Des Plaines.

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