How To Straighten Natural Hair And Give it More Life In 2021

How to straighten natural hair for black girls . To make your natural hair become straight or put in order again . It involves hard work and patience. But when you do it right, you will be left with a glowing, supply , soft and straightened natural hair.

Beauty schools don’t teach anything about natural hair. Most black women know nothing about their natural hair, since most women grew up with relaxed hair. That’s why majority are not informed on how to keep their natural hair healthy, straighten and glowing.

Before we delve deeper on how to straighten natural hair , I would love to show you some things

You will learn from this article. You will understand healthy and effective procedures on how to straighten natural hair . 

Which are :

● Importance of leave in conditioner treatment

How to reduce hair damages on natural hair

● How to use flat iron to straighten natural hair

● Healthy foods that help to strengthen natural hair

How To Straighten Natural Hair

1 ● Importance of leave in conditioner :

Apply a reasonable amount of leave in conditioner on your natural hair. You have to deep condition

your hair before you strengthen it . When you deep condition your natural hair, it provides enormous protection from heat. It also protects your natural hair from breaking and restores moisture as well. This step is vital on how to straighten natural hair.

2 ● How to reduce natural hair damages

African hair is quite dry and brittle. Natural hair is as fragile as an egg and just as cumbersome.

It should be handled with great care . Some common practices can make the natural hair to weep, throw tantrum and bleed easily. 

Here is a scenario……

Amanda is a small town girl who just read some gibberish post on how to straighten natural hair. After reading the post on how to straighten natural hair. She began to wash her natural hair with sulphate shampoo everyday.

After which she uses flat iron with enormous heat to straighten her natural hair and also combs her hair roughly. After sometime ,

Amanda notices her hair breaking and being disrespectful . Her natural hair stopped to bloom and glow. Rather it gets crabbier everyday.

Her natural hair cried ! It’s too hot , I’m losing my edges . Please tell me , what have you done to me ? I have lost my glow , I have lost my shine , I have failed to bloom !!

Do you know why her natural hair couldn’t glow , is breaking and losing its bloom?

I shall tell you why !

3● Comb your natural hair stealthily

You must not bother your natural hair by applying enormous force while combing it. This should be taken seriously on how to straighten natural hair.

See your natural hair like a beautiful rose flower in a floral garden. Your natural hair deserves to be treated in a calm and friendly manner. Excessive combing can strip the protective cover of your natural hair . Don’t be like Amanda who has made her hair lose its glow and bloom. 

4● How to use flat iron to straighten natural hair

Well I have a question.

What do you put on natural hair before flat ironing?

How can you straighten without damaging it ?

It is quite simple people!

Before you use flat iron , make sure you apply heat protectants .

They provide a barrier between your natural and the heat. Thereby keeping your natural hair

safe and strong. You see that ? This advice should be greatly appreciated on how to straighten natural hair.

Hair protectant can be in spray form or cream form .

Also when using a flat iron , make sure you regulate to the lowest setting. The higher the heat you use on your natural hair , the greater the damages.

You see , Amada actually used a flat iron on her natural hair without applying heat protectant.

She also used too heat , she didn’t regulate the flat iron thereby causing her delicate natural hair to lose it’s glow , supply and break .

5● Healthy food that would help to strengthen natural hair

For your natural hair to be in a glorious state , there are certain foods you can consume to make it glow and strengthen. These are foods rich in vitamin B , protein, folic acid etc.

This food will go a long way , never take this information on how to straighten natural hair for granted, food are like manure to the hair. Show me a good hair and I will show you a healthy eater.

Take This Home ( On How To Straighten Natural Hair )
• Dry natural hair causes enormous breakage. Comb only when damp.

• It is paramount to use a good wide – toothed comb to stealthily comb your natural hair.

• When knots form , do not wait until shower time . Simply use spray bottle of water ,apply conditioner or oil the knot and ease it with your hand.

• Heat tools like straightening iron or blow dryer damage natural hair . If you must use it , make sure you regulate the settings to the lowest.

• Make sure to seal your natural hair with oil or butter ( coconut oil or shea butter) after you apply leave in conditioner.

• Handle the edges of your natural hair, the hair at the nape of your neck and the hair around your temples gently. The hair in these areas can easily break .

• Wear protective styles like braids , cornrows, Bantu knots and twist . They keep your natural hair in place and minimize friction.

• Before you flat iron your natural hair make sure you apply heat protectant to avoid breaking.

• Make sure you keep your natural hair hydrated by daily intake of plenty of liquid. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Also take some healthy beverages and juice.

• Eat lots of nuts , fatty fish , avocados, honey ,eggs and vegetables . Because it makes your natural hair not to develop too much oil, it also makes your natural hair not to break .

• The ideal pillowcase to use when sleeping is silk or satin. Other materials absorb moisture from the hair and cause breakage of the natural hair.

These simple procedures I share in this article are just the right information you need on how to strengthen your natural hair .


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