Biography of Cala B,

Okeke ifenna chinemerem was ( born 16 November 2002), Background information

Birth name :      Okeke ifenna chinemerem

Born :                   16 November 2002(17+) 

                             Nnewi Anambra state Nig

Genres :              Afro beats


                             Dance hall

                             Hip_hop (pop)

Occupation :       Rapper/singer _songwriter

Years active :      2017

Labels :                Unknown 

Associated acts : Skin daddy

Known as Cala B ( sometimes stylized as Cala one made), is a Nigeria Rapper/singer and songwriter. He began his freestyle at the age of 9 when he was motivated by friends, family to carry on with his musical carrier. He managed to release a collaborative album titled CLAPPING with Skin-daddy a artist from the east in the year 2017, from there he began to gain recognition from the street. He is a talented artist and well determined in his musical carrier. Cala B decided to release another single album titled #FAR AWAY, far away was a hit under the genres of blues, wow cala b used this song to gain massive attention from his fans round the world in the year 2018. From this year he began to go for life performances in order to build more fams. Artist from the east came to collaborate with the talented artist on his assistance in many of their album which he did well on it all through that year. Lately 2018, Cala B released a buzzing hit titled “CLEAN GIRL”, this was a hit under the genres of dance hall, in this album he proved his 80% efficiency in rapping. His fans kept on multiplying everyday because he never for once relented, he always has something to offer. His stylized name began from this album clean girl, where he mentioned to be Cala one made. The album kept on hitting more audience daily.Early February 2020, Cala B released an album titled #OMALICHA NWA, this was hit  under the genres of Afro pop, the young artist kept on gaining recognition from his fans which made them believed he was born for music and can never relent. He gave his fans all round genres which made them loved one out of all or all at of all...... More at times goes on.

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