[News] Hushpuppi Stole Over ₦163 Billion From 1.9 Million Victims

The Dubai Media Office has finally confirmed the arrest of Instagram sensation, Hushpuppi who’s real name is Ramon Olorunwa Abass and 11 others in an operation tagged “Fox Hunt 2”.
A team of highly trained Dubai police officers were able to confirm the gang’s whereabouts and fraudulent activities.
The Nigerian Instagram celebrity who was arrested on multiple fraud charges for crimes committed in different parts of the world boasted about his wealth and expensive possessions on social media claiming he is a successful businessman.
Little did Abbas know Dubai police teams were tracking his every move and taking note of all his social media activities.
Hushpuppi and his team of scammers were known for creating fake pages for existing websites in order to redirect victims payments to their own accounts.
Dubai police have also found that the gang specialized in hacking corporate emails and sending fake messages to clients in order to redirect financial transfers and people’s bank details to their own accounts.
Before their arrest, Abbas and his crew members were responsible for scams amounting to 1.6 Billion Dhirams in the operation police officers were also able to seize items worth more than 150 million Dhirams after they claimed 21 computers. 47 smartphones 15 storage memory devices. And five hard disks containing data. 1,926,400 victims.

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