[News] Happened To A certain woman was seen with Coffin at Oko Roundabout Anambra State around 9:30am this morning day At Oko

Happened Today At Oko

Hear the story 😬
According to the people that knows better about the story, we were told that the blind husband of the woman died yesterday morning but the woman locked up the dead body(without telling anyone) and went away with all her belongings then went to the bank and withdraw 500k they got from the land they sold.. 
There's many fingers pointing at her for being responsible for the man death.......
This morning she returns with a coffin to carry the man, but unfortunately for her the kindred caught her and ask her to carry the coffin to her father house....
According to people, the woman behave abnormal 
But the question is how can an abnormal person locked up a dead body for 24hrs, went to the bank to withdraw 500k and return with coffin??

Please My Oko people here Please anyone with the Correct story Should Update us Please.

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