[News] Giftalworld CEO Raji Ibrahim declared wanted by the Nigerian Police ” was Giftal World A Scam ??

The young millionaire whose source of wealth is yet known Raji Ibrahim Giftalworld CEO and his team members are declared wanted by the Nigerian Police over charges of breach of trust and fruad/scam.
E-Bright was able to build a little bit of trust with his platform as he gains more members not knowing it is no different with previous ponzi scheme platforms like NNU, MMM, Racksterly that later crashed with people money.
This came to the notice of the Nigerian Police as some of it members where disheartened and disappointed when they finally realise that it is a ponzi scheme.
Some of it members came on his Instagram page to show there displeasure and disappointment.
Reports from sources claimed that giftalworld has done issues with hi members and might likely not pay it members.
However giftalworld is not the first neither will it be the last ponzi scheme platform, but the hunger of quick and easy money making is right in the blood of our youths today due to lack of employment, but I urge you to be more careful while investing in some quick money making platforms.
What do you think about Giftalworld?
Is Giftalworld a scam?

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