[Gist] “Sommystar” is not dead or mad his alive with passion after few months of having problem with his crew (IBM)

The IBM big talent top artist Sommystar present to show himself after long silence few month he mute the industry.
when trend back after people are throwing rumors in the social media that his mad and also dead finally his crew member never thought they understand what is going on after having issues on the song they drop title folake which was presented by (IBM) crew members “ Donddoger, Somval, and Sommystar”,

which was a hit song in the industry finally rumors came between the crew when they have issues between dropping folake video which was directed by Hariz ,

alongside the mostly talented artists who they called ”Somval” stated that He wanna be out in the crew after they had unserious misunderstandings In IBM label which occurred them to fight in social media after
All they went through,

Donddoger who was aborting to be the founder of IBM claims his the one that own the IBM which means INTERNATIONAL BAD MAN) on the social media, which brings problem for them to call themself all such of bad names .

after it Sommystar mute the industry after the war he have with Donddoger and Somval over (IBM) video and claiming to drag the label too, which got there fans confuse which they know the IBM is made up of three top crew in ANAMBRA state artist which is Sommystar, Donddoger and Somval,

Which occurs rumors when Sommystar mute the industry to unknown destination which know one knows and his crew also ,which got fans confuse on the social media WHATSAPP and Facebook that Sommystar is mad and also dead .
finally after long few months Sommystar is now back like lion with the strong tail claiming to be,with his crew, also snap with Donddoger, we hope more to hear from the record label with there activated mind and expect new song also from them Sommystar is back And IBM still stand his not dead or mad but he stand to make ways .


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