[Gist] Man Stole His GF’s 10K To Play Bet, Won 100M & Gave Her 10k Back, She is Furious Wants 40M

A man from Kawempe is on the brink of losing his long term relationship to his girlfriend as she threatens to leave him unless he pays her 40M.
The whole gist was narrated by a Twitter user (@Yemihazan), The man in question took his girlfriend’s money 10,000 when she visited him, she had forgotten the money on his shelf while leaving for the saloon.
The man played a bet that spanned for 2 days and promised to pay her back the money soon.
The bet eventually came through and he won a whopping sum of 100Million
In an exciting euphoria, he shared the good news with his girlfriend and that was where the trouble started.
The lady demanded he gives her 40M from the money he won since he used her money to play the bet.
But the guy refused and said he promised to pay back just the 10,000 he took, and that he wanted to boost his business with the money hence he could only give her 5,000,000 out of the money.
The lady felt cheated and decided to move on as she was being unfairly treated unless she was paid the 40,000,000 she demanded.
The man is in a state of a dilemma now, he doesn’t want to pay 40M and at the same time doesn’t want to lose his babe.

What is your take on this matter? How would you judge them both?🤔

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