[News] Iran Shot Down Ukrainian Jet By Mistake – US Intelligence

United States of America’s officials have confirmed that crashed Ukrainian International Airlines Boeing 737-800 was hit by a missile.
An Ukrainian Jet had crashed just few hours after Iran launched missiles at United States bases in Iraq.
However new reports from US intelligence has confirmed that the crash was as a result of the launched missiles as per CBS reports.
CBS News and Newsweek said US and Iraqi intelligence officials were confident the Ukrainian plane was brought down by a missile fired by Iran
CBS published a brief report on Twitter, saying the officials were confident the plane was shot down.
It said this information was based on US intelligence, which sources said picked up signals of a radar being turned on. US satellites also reportedly detected two missile launches shortly before the Ukrainian plane exploded.
Meanwhile, Newsweek quoted US and Iraqi officials as saying they believed the aircraft was hit by a Russia-built Tor M-1 surface-to-air missile system, known as Gauntlet by Nato.
Two Pentagon officials assessed that the incident was accidental, Newsweek added.
It quoted sources as saying that Iran’s anti-aircraft systems were probably active following its attacks on the US airbases.

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